Among the reasons why Granada is a city that seduces, beautifies and entraps one, as well as its famous monuments of recognized universal prestige, is its rich and varied gastronomy, given that in this Andalusian city one can find not only local cooking but rather regional and exotic cuisines as well

We can find an example of this exotic fare in Arrayanes Restaurant, situated in Cuesta Maranas, No. 4.


The restaurant in question is in an ideal place for the visitor, very close to the main boulevard Gran Via, at the foot of the world-renowned Albayzin hill. At the same time, Arrayanes is located only five minutes from the San Agustin public parking garage, situated in the plaza of the same name where there is also the Municipal Meat Market

One must look for the sources of Arrayanes' cuisine in the city of Casablanca, where Mustafa Bougrine was born, of Berber origin. His vision has been enriched by the existing culinary diversity in Morocco, a well as by investigations undertaken into what was the cooking in Al-Andalus between the 9th and 14th century. This overall blend of rediscovered flavors has given birth to a distinguished range of dishes, in which the traditional is mixed with today's finest offerings.

Here in Arrayanes the maximum value is achieved with the greatest precision of quality and price, since the crafting of its exquisite meals relies on the best quality food products in the market, always prepared with exotic originality from spices in the Maghrebi regions.

Among the entrees to sample, Mustafa points out the pastelas, which are filled pastries of fish or chicken; the tajines, which can be done with chicken, lamb, beef or fish; and the traditional rich cous-cous dish, made with lamb, chicken or vegetarian-style. Other standouts are the famous Harira and Bisara soups, the salads from the imperial city Fez and the excellent Moroccan cakes and desserts.

Famous men and women from the worlds of politics, sports and the arts have paid a visit to Arrayanes. In the restaurant's guest book, visitors can check out the signatures of public figures who have eaten here and later left brief dedications praising the quality and great flavor of the food they've enjoyed, as well as national and international press clips and reviews of the restaurant.

And logically, of course, one will find here the warm, caring service of the staff, in a place with a distinct oriental ambience.

Director-Manager: Mustafá Bougrine